The concept of sustainable development has been taken from the Brundtland Commission on Environment and Development, 1987. It is a concept which deals with the development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable Development is also concerned with improving the well being of people, like raising life standards, improving education, health, equality of opportunity. The meeting the needs of poor in this generation is also an essential aspect of sustainability.

The concept of sustainable development also emphasize on environmental conservation. The basing the developmental and environmental policies on a comparison of benefits and costs and on careful macro-economic analysis will strengthen environmental protection and sustainable levels of welfare.

There are five major processes which threatens Sustainable Development


(i) Tremendous increase of population

(ii) Deterioration of land quality and accumulation of wastes

(iii) Pollution of oceans and rivers

(iv) Depletion of biodiversity


(v) Changes that we have brought about in the chemistry of the atmosphere.

Due to all these problems there is rapid deterioration of natural resources and also the level of pollution is rising. Thus, there is essentially requirement of sustainable development.