(a) Analog Computer

(b) Digital Computer

(c) Hybrid Computer

(d) Mainframe Computer


(e) Mini Computer

(f) Micro Computer

Ans. Computer is a product of electronic revolution. It is such an electronic device that can count, save and solve complex problems with high accuracy and speed.

(a) Analog Computer:


These are such kind of computers that measure physical quantities e.g. pressure, temperature, voltage etc. They are used mainly for scientific and engineering purpose. .

(b) Digital Computer:

The computer that counts and accepts letters and numbers through various inputs devices is called digital computer. It is used in various applications.

(c) Hybrid Computer:


The features of analog and digital machines are combined to create a hybrid computing system.

(d) Mainframe Computer:

These computers are with high capability but less powerful and cheaper than super computers. These are suited to big organizations to manage high volume of applications ex. MEDHA, Sperry, DEC, IBM, HP, ICL etc.

(e) Mini Computer:


This is relatively fast and small but inexpensive computer with somewhat limited input/output capabilities. The first popular minicomputer was the PDP-8 launched in 1965.

(f) Micro Computer:

These are full-hedged computer system that uses micro processor as their CPU. These are also called personal computer system.