Poverty is multidimensional. It can be absolute or relative poverty.

Absolute Poverty is Poverty below breadline. Those who suffer from absolute poverty have no guarantee that will be able to meet the fundamental costs of livings as a human being. The world bank has set the norm of 1 dollar per day per person for this purpose. The absolute poverty line based on nutrition level, is defined as minimum requirement of

i. 2400 calories per person/day for Rural Areas

ii. 2100 calories per person/day for Urban Areas.


Poverty is the greatest challenge of our time and we must find solution to mitigate the scourge by increasing in production, Agricultural Productivity, equitable distribution etc.

Government has evolved following measures to eradicate poverty.

(1) IRDP:

Integrated Rural Development Project. Launched in 1980. The main objective was to bring some sort of employment to rural poor through local resources per se.


(2) DWCRA:

Development of women and children in rural areas, started in 1982 with objective of providing proper self employment opportunities to the women of rural families, below poverty line in order that their living standards improve.


Training for rural youth for self employment – This programme is integral part of IRDP, Started by centre on 1929 to make rural youth self-employed through imparting technical assistance and business enterprise so that they could be raised above poverty line.