Non-conventional sources of energy: These are non-exhaustible source of energy. Sunlight, wind tidal waves and geothermal energies can be considered under this topic.

Sunlight is abundantly found in all parts of our country. The technology for generating low grade thermal energy for cooking water-heating space-heating etc. has already been developed in our country. According to data available up to April 1988, over 92,000 solar cookers were in use in the country. About 11,000 solar photovoltaic lights, 800 solar photovoltaic water pumping systems and 200 domestic lighting systems have been installed in the country. Geothermal energy is being established at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh. The wind energy is being harnessed in Tamil Nadu Orissa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Biogas can give an alternative source of energy if it is properly harnessed in Indian villages.