What are biosensors and what are their uses?


Biosensor is containing a biological component of our body with electrical circuit. The biosensor is meant to detect presence or production of any biological component like vitamin, enzyme, catalyst, hormone, protein and so.

When this is connected with a electrical circuit, its production or disappearance or presence, as the case may be in setting up, gives signal through the electronic detention of it.

These biosensors are used to diagnose diseases. Police use it to defect even a small amount of drug in the body, as the case is with drug checking of sports persons, known popularly as “Dropping Test”.


In industries, acids, alcohol or phenol can be checked up by their use. Minerals under the earth can be defected by geologists using them.

In India, Dr. Sneha Anand of IIT, Delhi developed a Biosensor to detect epidemics of T.B, Dengue> Malaria etc. Such Biosensors are very simple devices, possible to use in primary centres of villages also.

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