Point out the major provisions for telecom sector in the Eleventh plan


India has witnessed an impressive telecom revolution during the last decade.

The total number of subscribers are increasing day by day presently stand at more than 170 million with an average addition of about 5 million per month. The sector is expected to grow further by the end of 11th plan, and it is proposed to reach a target of 575 million.

To boost up telecommunication sector Department of Telecommunication is implementing a very ambitious plan of computerization of various facets of telecom operations and management. Information is also being used extensively to support telecommunication operations and management. Some of its activities include computersation of billing, cable records, fault control, directory printing etc.


To further improve the growth of telecom sector, eleventh plan has made some provisions. Such as: –

(i) To reach a target of 575 million subscribers.

(ii) Providing one phone for two rural households by 2010.

(iii) To reach rural density of 10% from the presentl.9%.


(iv) Providing telephone connection across the country at an affordable price on demand.

(v) 20 million broadband connection and 40 million internet connections by 2010 and broadband connection on demand across the country by 2012.

(vi) 3G services in all cities/towns with more than lakh population.

(vii) Broadband connectivity to every school, health center and Gram Panchayat.


(viii) To make Indian a hub of telecom manufacturing by facilitating establishment of telecom specific SEZs.

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