Get complete information on the theory of push and pull factors


This approach is situation oriented. It attempts to study the factors which impel persons to move out of their place of origin. It also studies the condition and situations that attract persons from outside to migrate. This is the traditional approach to the study of motivation for migration.

Comparative importance of push and pull factors. Push factors are those which motivate going outside from within. These include high natural rate of population growth creating population pressure on the existing resources, exhaustion of natural resources, droughts, floods, natural calamities such as earthquakes and famines, acute social, religious or political conflicts, etc. The pull factors include those which pull migratory population from outside.

These factors include establishment of new industries, provision of new opportunities of employment, facilities of higher education, better climatic conditions, etc.


The variable of technological change which results in the establishment of number attractive factors in urban area is a very strong pull migration from rural to urban areas. The model agricultural machinery frees so many persons from the bondage to agriculture and pushes their migration to urban areas.

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