This region encompasses central and west­ern parts of Uttar Pradesh. The climate is sub-humid continental with July month’s temperature between 26°-41°C, January month’s temperature between 7°- 23°C and average annual rainfall between 75 cm- 150 cm.

The soil is sandy loam. It has 131 per cent irrigation intensity and 144 per cent cropping inten­sity. Canal, tube well and wells are the main source of irrigation. This is an intensive agricultural region wherein wheat, rice, sugarcane, millets, maize, gram, barley, oilseeds, pulses and cotton are the main crops.

Besides modernising traditional agriculture the region needs special focus on dairy development and horticulture. Strategies should include developing multiple mixed cropping patterns like rice-potato- wheat-moong and sugarcane , sunflower, and potato + mustard; improving irrigation system and water management such as lining of canals to check seepage; reclaiming saline/alkaline soils; raising fruit trees on Diara areas; devoting uplands to horticulture; improving cattle breed and bringing more areas to fodder crops.