Brief notes on the Ninth Plan and Family Planning of India


During this plan, Rs. 15120 crore was to be spend on family welfare. The main objectives of family welfare programme are as follows:

(i) To meet the demand for contraception.

(ii) Efforts will be made to reduce infant mortality.


(iii) Promoting male participation in the Planned Parenthood movement.

(iv) Effective material and child wealth care measures will be taken.

(v) To reduce voluntary participation of private medical practitioners in family welfare programmes.

(vi) Involvement of Panchayat Raj institutions in family welfare programmes.


Tenth Plan and Family Welfare

The Tenth Plan proposes to fully meet all the felt needs for family welfare and enable families to achieve their reproductive goals. However it aimed at;

(i) Demographic targets to focus on enabling the couples to achieve their reproductive goals.

(ii) Pointing specific contraceptive targets of meeting all the unmet needs for contraception to reduce unwanted pregnancies.


(iii) Numerous vertical programmes for family planning.

(iv) Implementation of Reproductive and Child Health Care Programme (RCH).

(v) Involvement of men in Planned Parenthood will be encouraged.

Thus the plan envisages a reduction in IMR to 45, 11,000 by 2007 and 28, 11,000 by 2012. The allocation of funds during plan period has been fixed at Rs. 27125 crore.

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