The main reason of writing this article is to bring in light the mentality of the people in India. The death of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam was really heart breaking, but the announcement of the holiday to pay tribute and respect to the great man is quite irrelevant.

It is known very well that the people of the country except a few will be taking this holiday as a fun or resting day instead of paying homage to the great man. The people out here don’t really care who this great man is or was, but will be thanking him, because of him they got a holiday and got time to have a resting day without really paying any respect or homage to the great man which was the main motive of the holiday.

So at last I want to point out that instead of declaring a holiday on such occasion people should be given a day work where they can come to know about the great personalities, their contribution to the society and take their life as a role model in their work and achieve higher heights instead of resting and wasting a day doing nothing productive.

Even the great man before his death said:-“Let there be no holiday on my death, instead let the people work for one extra day”. So taking in context the above lines it can be said that the holiday declared today was quite irrelevant.