What do you mean by the term Bio-information?


Like information technology and biotechnology bio informatics represents an important technological revolution. While information technology and bio technology revolutions are already in full swing, bio informatics seems to be an innovative concept to may.

However its influence as our future lives may be much more profound than those of the other technologies. In fact bio informatics is expected to provide materials that would enhance the reach and application of the other sciences. The indicators of convergence are already there in the form of emerging field of molecular electronics, where the individual molecules are replacing as materials of electronics and bio-materials that work inside the human body to smoothen many of its problems. A DNA based computer that can perform a billion operations per second is already a reality.

Ultimately, we would have such computers interfacing directly with the brain, thereby vastly increasing human intelligence and we would have such machines cursing through blood streams, fighting disease and repairing damages to various parts of the body.


Bio informatics can make it possible to develop computer processors and memory devices using physical and chemical phenomenon. This technology may help to develop a molecular computer and this is the rejection of traditional computer architectures in favor of new approach, building a computer for the ground up, using an array of molecular computer switches.

Bio informatics can be used in various scientific and technical areas i.e. environment, meteorology, robotics etc. This is the frontier area for future scientific and technological development. This technology helps the people to understand the precise knowledge of a scientific problem and their solutions.

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