What are the general features of epithelial tissues? (10 features)

1. They cover the surfaces and line the cavities and as such they protect other tissues from mechanical injury, drying up, infection and harmful chemicals.

2. They form many useful exoskeleton structures like scales, hairs, feathers, claws, nails, etc.

3. They have secretary activity; many epithelia produce glands and secrete juices like mucous, gastric juice etc.


4. Epithelia that line the uriniferous tubules help in the elimination of the nitrogenous waste materials as urine.

5. Epithelia lining the intestine help in the absorption of digested food.

6. They also help in exchange of gases in the respiratory tract. They bring about exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between blood and air.

7. Many epithelia form a part of the sense organs as in nasal chambers.


8. Epithelia also help in movement of fluids and mucous in the organs where they are present.

9. They also take an important part in the production. Germinal epithelia help in the production of eggs and sperms.

10. Epithelial cells with pigmentation are responsible for the darkness of the cavity of the eye ball.