Complete information on edible fresh water fishes of India


Catla catla (Ham):

The species has the fastest rate of growth among the Indian major carps. In good nursery ponds, hatchlings of catla stocked at the rate of 1000000 to 1250000 per hectare, grow to a length of 20-25 mm in 15 days.

Catla attains maturity when about 2 years old. In 5 kg female, a total number of 4000000 ova were found which gives the fecundity to be 80 eggs/g body weights.


Labeo roghita (Ham):

Rohu also grows very fast but is relatively little slower than atla. The hatchings of Rohu when stocked at the rate of 1000000 to 12,50,000/ha grow to a length of 25-30 mm in 15 days, and the survival rate is 50%.

Labeo calbasu (Ham):

Kalbasu is a widely distributed carp and grows to a fairly large size, but its rate of growth is slower than that of catla and Rohu. Kalbasu grows to a length of 30-35 ms and a weight of 450 g by the end of first year. The fish becomes sexually mature when about 25 cm long and induced bred specime4n have been observed to reach maturity in one year.


Labeo bata (ham):

It is a medium sized carp and attains a length of 60 cm. it is widely distributed in India and is often cultured with other major carps. When stocked at 1.5 lakhs/ha, the fish grows to a length of 25-32 mm in one month.

Cirrhina mrigala:

This species is widely cultured in India along with other carps. It grows fast and fry when stocked at 10 lakhs to 12.5 lakhs/ha grow to 25-30 mm in length in 15 days. Both the sexes mature when they are two years old. However induced bred specimen at Central Fisheries Research Institute, Cuttack become sexually mature in one year only.


Hypopthalmichthys molitrix (C and D):

The silver carp is a native of China, and is widely cultivated in S.E. Asian countries. It was introduced into India in 1959. Hatchings when stocked at 10-12.5 lakhs/ha, grow to size of 25-30 mm in 15 days. In China this species grows to150,900, 1800 and 4200 g, at the end of first, second, third and fourth years respectively. Both the sexes of this species are reported to have become mature when 20 months old. However, induced bred specimen of silver carp become mature when only 11 months old.

Ctenopharyngodon idella (val):

The grass carp is an exotic fish introduced recently in India. It has a fast growth rate. Fry stocked at 10-12.5 lakhs/ha attain a length 22-27 mm in 15 days. When stocked along with silver carp they grow to 12 cm in three months, and attained a length of 73-86 cm when 3 years old. Males become mature when 2 years old; the females are reported to mature a year later.


Cyprinus carpio (Linu):

The common carp is very widely distributed all over the world, and three varieties of the fish are known.

The species becomes sexually mature at different times depending on the climatic conditions.

Clarias batrachus (Linn):


The species reaches a length of 20 cm by the end of first year, and a maximum length of 40 cm by the end of second year. Specimen becomes sexually mature by the end of one year. Generally, 2000-5000 fry are collected from one nest.

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