3 reasons why I regard Joomla as much more times better and interesting than WordPress? A must read article for all Joomla lovers..

All Human beings are selfish by nature and I guess webmasters are also of the same blood and flesh. It is of no doubt that WordPress is now the No- 1 destination for bloggers, webmasters, journalists, authors, writers and the rest and thus nowadays, may Joomla lovers are moving away from their first love –‘Joomla’ towards other allied blogging platforms. Well, some of the reasons for this are:

Benefits of WordPress

1. It is much more faster than Joomla.

2. It has a plethora of extensions in form of plugins to customize things.


3. It has a great variety of templates categorized by respective niche.

4. It includes a ‘completeness’ all necessary components to get started.

5. It is quite simple to understand and easy to manage.

6. The entire interface is Ajax based which enables the webmasters to do things at a greater speed.


7. Many features in form of plugins are available for WordPress that is presently not available in Joomla.

8.  And so on…….

I agree not to disagree with you

Well, I agree that WordPress is a great blogging platform. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should move way from Joomla towards WordPress.

Why I say Joomla is more powerful than WordPress?

The wisdom of the day is the wisdom of the decade. And the wisdom I am talking about is related to “Quantum Physics”. Quantum Physics observes that there is no universe without mind entering into it. This makes it crystal clear that we see things from our own perspective and our thinking capacity is only limited by our own imagination. And this concept makes me think that Joomla is much more powerful than WordPress or any other blogging platform.

Reasons to prove my points

From last 4 years I am working on Joomla Platform. I have seen the phenomenal rise of Joomla from a mountain to Mount Everest. Today, I will be wrong to say that I know Joomla. Well, the truth is, I don’t know Joomla, I only have few drops of knowledge from the vast ocean of Joomla. And these few drops of Joomla knowledge helped me to:


1. To develop more than 120 websites for my clients, all powered by Joomla.

2. To develop a couple of blogs powered by Joomla.

3. To create some high traffic sites with Joomla.


4. To create different niche websites like Article Publishing site, Intranet Portals, Bookmarking sites, Downloading sites, Magazines as well as Newspapers sites in Joomla.

5. And everything else…

What I can do now with Joomla?

During these learning years I have spend thousands of hours solving day to day errors that generally arises due to my limited knowledge on the subject. But today, I am quite confident that I can develop anything with Joomla and I can solve almost any errors or problems related to Joomla.

And I have some valid points to prove that my Joomla is much more interesting that your Word press.

Why Joomla is better and interesting?

1. Law of First love, Robust Experience and Networking still rules

First and foremost, let me tell you that Joomla is nothing but a community of likeminded minds. And it is only a reflection of you and me and the society. And I am here to assure you that great days are coming ahead, because in coming days great minds are going to collaborating to build great things. But does this makes any sense?


Does this prove that Joomla is interesting or better than Word Press? Certainly not! My point is, as you are an experience Joomla webmaster, and have spend hundreds or in fact thousands of hours learning and interacting with Joomla and its community members, and thus by this day, what you can do with Joomla, you will certainly find it difficult to do the same with WordPress, because  experience, handwork and community does matters the most when it comes to open source software.

Suppose you are a heart surgeon, and have an experience of 5 years in doing open heart surgeries. And all of a sudden, you realize that brain surgeons are earning more and you decide to jump on it. In a situation like this you have to again start things from the beginning and you will need another 5-10 years to get mastery on brain surgeries, but certainly you cannot get that sharp edge that you have it over human heart surgeries.

And this very law, the law of first love, experience and networking with allied minds, signifies that you should do only things that you know the best, and your shouldn’t jump from here and there in search of perfection…..

2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush


What do you really mean by a bird in hand is worth two in bush? Well, I don’t know exactly who said it, but I know this, it means; “It is better to accept or be content with what one has than to try to get more and risk losing everything.’ In other words it means; “It’s better to have a small real advantage than the possibility of a greater one.”

Hope, you got my point. I guess, from last couple of months or even a couple of years you have done wonderful things with Joomla, and I believe, you are the best when it comes to Joomla. And by no stretch of imagination you can do the same things with WordPress without devoting the same amount of experience, time, energy and money.

3. Will you dump your parents?

I believe, you are not a dump master who enjoys dumping everybody including your girlfriend, friends, relatives and even parents for the sake of selfishness. Don’t you remembered, the benefits that you have derived from Joomla, during the days of your journey. Well I don’t know about you, but I definitely know about me, I have directly earned; money, prestige, reputation, and a phenomenal set of friends from Joomla, and let me add, my wealth in form of peace and happiness that I earned from this project from both direct and indirect sources…

And this very feeling keeps me attached with Joomla community, and will keep me attached to it for eternity….


To sum up, it could we ascertained that it doesn’t matter which is the best or which is more powerful, what matters the most is; “What you know, and what  you have done with it in the past?’. Our believe system is based on our evaluating system, and we believe what we evaluate. Thus, if you will just change your evaluating system, your believe will change automatically.