It’s like a breaking new concept for all Joomla webmasters to learn that now folks from WordPress are moving towards Joomla. At present a good percentage of WordPress bloggers are landing over Joomla platform and trying to convert their WordPress themes to Joomla templates.

Here are few solutions for doing the same:


Although many software’s are available in the market that claims to convert your WordPress themes to Joomla templates but nothing great could be achieved from these self-proclaimed softwares. (I don’t want to refer to any, individually)



At present many Joomla geeks are ready to make this for you at a very reasonable price. They may charge something between (Approx. $43-$363 USD).

Are you a geek?

If you think yourself as a geek- Code it yourself….


What Pooja says?

Well, I will not like to convert WordPress themes to Joomla Template. This seems to be a very boring concept. It’s brutal difficult and frustrating. I believe one should directly go for Joomla templates.


We have more than 1500 wonderful templates available for Joomla and thus I don’t see any need for converting WordPress themes to Joomla Template.


What’s your thoughts on this?