Windows live writers is a phenomenal software that allows webmasters to write contents (offline) and draft/publish it directly to their respective websites.  When compared with other allied software’s like w.bloggar, Zoundry Raven and etc., Windows live writers seems to be far more profound and powerful. But it lacks some a very important feature:

Windows live writer lacks something:

1. It doesn’t have any options or feature to add Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

Thus the very purpose of the inception of Windows live writer is not solved because after publishing articles, again the webmaster have to login to Joomla admin backend to add the Meta description and keywords to his articles.


Good news for Word press webmasters

It appears to me the all the word press webmasters enjoys a custom plugin along with their “All in one SEO pack” that helps them to add respective Meta description and keywords to their article in the form of custom field.

What’s for Joomla?

I manage multiple blogs and have to post many articles every day to all my sites and blogs. Moreover I have to also manage hundreds of client sites, and this makes things worst. And unfortunately, over thousand hours of mine has been wasted in publishing articles from windows live writer and then again logging to Joomla backend for adding the necessary Meta des and keywords to the articles.


The need of the day demand:

1. Developing an extension for Live Writer as well as for Joomla for the said purpose.

2. Or, developing something that automatically puts the intro text of the article directly in the Meta description box. [Although something like this is available but it doesn’t work properly]

Extension Development


We are currently planning to develop a plugin that could help any Joomla webmaster to add Meta des and keywords directly from Windows Live writer to his site.

So please let us know what are the features you will like to see in this Project?