Some orthodox people have a wrong notion that automatic Meta Titles and Description are not good for Joomla websites from SEO point of view. They prefer to do things by hand (manually). But as a matter of fact, we are living in the age of information technology and we should always try to find out real solutions to orthodox problems.

Time is most valuable and should be used wisely. My question is “Why shouldn’t you use something that will automatically take your intro text as Meta Titles for your site”. I believe this is a phenomenal concept and a time saver.


Pooja uses extensions like “Automatic Meta Titles and Description” developed by She says “There is nothing wrong in making things automated.”



Ruhul is now applying his geeks on manually changing the coding his SEO component for the said purpose.



Amit is quite confused! He believes sh404sef can create automatic page titles and description for his high traffic blog.

In the SEO tab there is a reference to something like:

sh404SEF has several plugins to automatically create page title and description tags for some components. More plugins can be created by third-parties developers, when automatic meta tags creation is possible. If no plugin is supplied for a given extensions, it is usually better to either manually customize tags, or leave them empty.

His question is:


Can I set something to automatically put the intro text to the Meta description box…

What are you using to automate things in Joomla?