Sh404sef is one of the best components ever developed for improving the SEO of your Joomla website. As a matter of fact, it is almost mandatory for each and every Joomla site. The latest version of this very component includes a lot of additional features for not only accelerating the SEO of your site but also for making your site more secure.

At present, many webmasters are fed up with creating individual Meta Titles and Descriptions for each and every page of their site. Now we are rising at the speed of thought. Even Bill Gates believes that the best mantra for the rapid growth of next generation enterprises is nothing but “Digital Nervous System”. He believes in making everything automated.

In a situation like this, many existing webmasters are searching for solutions for automatically creating page Meta Titles and Descriptions using sh404sef in Joomla.

Available Solution


Go to your Sh404sef control panel and click on the SEO configuration tab. You will notice something like:

sh404SEF has several plugins to automatically create page title and description tags for some components. More plugins can be created by third-parties developers, when automatic meta tags creation is possible. If no plugin is supplied for a given extensions, it is usually better to either manually customize tags, or leave them empty.

At this point people are really confused?

I am now investigating on this issue and will let you know the possible solutions as soon as possible.