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How to utilize your family resources effectively?

Home management is basically a mental process of deciding how best to use what you have to get what you want. Here ‘what you have’ refers to the ‘resources’ that every individual possess and what you want refers to the ‘goals’ to be achieved. Hence, resources play an important role in management.

How to take the important decisions of your life?

Decision making involves defining the problem, finding, comparing and choosing a course of action. It is the process of selecting one course of action from a number of possible alternatives in solving a problem or in meeting a situation or arriving at a conclusion.

How to manage your home effectively?

In every home, there are’ resources which are to be utilized in such a way to get the best of results. Home-management deals with the practical application of the principles of management in the home.

How to get Your visa and US citizenship?

The land of freedom the land of lib­erty yes, that’s the impression we get about America from Bruce Springsteen’s classics! But getting into that land is no easy job. How do you go about first entering and then, if you so want, staying on there?

Write an essay on Your Ideal of a Truly Great Man:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ideals vary with regard to everything. So every man has his own ideal of human greatness. Some worship the man of power, some look up for inspiration to the silent, patient worker, who is dedicated to knowledge, trying to keep the torch of science and philosophy burning like Einstein, C. V. Raman or Satyen Bose.

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