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What are the Merits and demerits of Written Constitution?

What are the Merits of Written Constitution? A written constitution is well defined and precise. The functions of different organs of the government are clearly demarcated. Hence there is less possibility of misuse of powers.

Difference between Written and Unwritten Constitutions

A constitution may be written or unwritten, rigid or flexible. A written constitution, incorporates within its field, the principles regarding the structure of the government in the form of written documents.

How is a chemical equation written ?

Chemical equation for a chemical reaction is written as follows: Identify the reactants and the products of the chemical reaction. Write down the formulae or symbols of the reactants only the left hand side with a sign of plus (+) between them.

What are the merits and demerits of Rigid and Written Constitutions?

Written Constitutions, with exception is generally rigid and Unwritten Constitution is mostly flexible. Hence, we shall examine merits and demerits of Rigid and Written Constitution on the one hand and those of Flexible and Unwritten Constitution on the other hand.

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