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1000 words essay on the History of Writing

You must have read about the Theory of Evolution put forth by Charles Darwin. Darwin developed the theory ‘Survival of the Fittest’. As humans evolved and pro­gressed, they devised equipment and methods, by which their lives could become more fruitful and comfortable.

Brief notes on the meaning on Precis writing

What is a Precis ? The ostensible object of a precis is to provide the reader with an unbiased, correct and objective record of the writers’ views, ideas and arguments in minimum number of words.

How to improve your Precis writing skills?

Precis is a faithful record of the ideas contained in the passage. There should be no mis-representation, no distortion and no inaccurate understanding of the passage.

10 methods for improving your Precis writing skills

Precis, by its very definition means presenting the ideas given in the passage briefly without missing their essentials. It needs not only the knowledge of different methods of condensing the sentences but also a good practice.

Everything you need to know about Precis writing

In the foregoing pages we have discussed different techniques for comprehending, condensing, analyzing and writing precis. So we have come to a stage where we should understand the discipline of precis-writing. For this purpose we will view the precis from two angles (i) subject matter (ii) style.

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