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Write a brief note on Cyclone Preparedness

The preparedness means measures, which enable government agencies, private organizations, communities, and individuals to respond rapidly and effectively to disaster situations. The preparedness measures include the formulation of viable disaster mitigation plans.

How to effectively write a biography of anyone ?

A biography is a record of the life and work of an individual, generally of a great man. What used to be formerly a mere chronicle or a record of events, has now become a kind of literary art.

Write a Short Note on Adenosine triphosphate

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a neucleotide. ATP consists of 3 units: ribose (a pentose sugar), adenine (a purine base) and a triphosphate group. ATP is a energy coin or energy carrier because hydrolis of ATP releases free energy.

Write in brief the morphology of a bony fish

Body is spindle shaped. It is laterally compressed. The dorsal surface is dark gray coloured and belly is white in coulor. It grows upto 80 cm and weighs about 8 kilograms. The body is divisible into head, trunk and tail.

Write notes on role of variation on evolution

No two organisms or parts of an organism are precisely alike. We experience a particular man is different from others. A particular cow, sheep, or goat can be indentified in a herd. Thus, individuals of the species vary from one another in some way or other. Organisms have tendency to vary.

Write a note on fossil evidence of evolution

Branch of science that deals with fossils is called palaeontology. Fossils are remnants of plants and animals or their parts and impressions in the form of rocks in the crust of earth. The fossils were formed in the long past when earth containing organisms was covered with rocks.

Write short notes on Protoplasm and Cytoplasm

All the components of a cell including the cell membrane are known as protoplasm. It is a colorless, jelly-like, viscous semi fluid substance which can be distinguished into a centrally located nucleoplasm and surrounding cytoplasm.

Write a report to the newspaper editor to save whales

Since the day is not far when the whales would be extinct if their indiscriminant killing goes on, I strongly recommend that whale ban capturing at once. I urge the Commission to open ‘whale zoos’ near the sea to breed and protect them.

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