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Key notes on the Words and Terms in Logic

An argument consists of declarative sentences. We have also noted that the declarative sentences express propositions. As a sentence consists of words, so also a proposition consists of terms.

650 words Essay on Malnurition

Malnutrition has been defined as “a pathological state resulting from a relative or absolute defi­ciency or excess of one or more essential nutrients”. It comprises four forms: Under nutrition, Over nutrition, Imbalance and Specific deficiency.

1430 words essay on Agriculture in India

India is a land of agriculture. This is what we read in our geography books when we were children and this is what we say now, grownups we are. Not that we have not progressed industrially in these forty years after inde­pendence.

Essay – Get into the Habit of Looking Intensely at Words

Words are so common that we do not connect them with romance. Yet a little thought will show us how wonderful they are. Words are the tools of thought. This is true in two senses. First we think in words. It was only when man learnt to talk that he learnt to think; and we […]

481 words essay on television

One of the most important forms of entertainment and communication, Television, has also proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times. All too often, television is harmful because of the shows it broadcasts, the effect it has on people, and the way it is used in homes.

2042 words controversial essay on reservation system in India

The Constitution of India does provide special privileges to the downtrodden sections of society called Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The special provisions were primarily for a limited period often years from the date of application of constitution.

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