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Brief note on the Predictability, Forecasting and Warning of Drought

As drought is very much linked with the performance of the monsoon, the predictability of drought is also linked to the monsoon. However, monsoon, by its inherent nature is highly variable^ time and space which means that rainfall is neither uniform nor evenly distributed.

How to communicate Warning of Floods ?

The Central Water Commission (CWC) through its Flood Forecasting Centres issues flood warnings. The State Governments, based on the local experience, fix a “Danger Level” for a river at certain places such as near cities or bridges.

How to give Warning of Droughts ?

As droughts develop slowly and are caused primarily by continuing deficiency in rainfall or other sources of water, the resulting situation needs to be watched and effective relief action is to be initiated as soon as sowing of seeds or standing crops begin to get affected.

How to circulate warning of Landslides and Avalanches ?

Heavy rains and heavy snowfalls initiate these phenomena. Further, these occur more frequently in areas, which are prone to these disasters due to the peculiar local geological features such as weakness of soil or rock.

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