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Short essay on Banks in Indian Villages

Rural banks will definitely encourage savings. It is not the proper time to mop up the rural surplus. No doubt villages do not have to pay income tax and they get many other concessions, yet their saving is not significant.

Write an essay on Indian Villages of the Future

There are many in our countries who idealize our villages. Gandhiji was one of them. Rabindranath also had a yearning for the quiet countryside. During the days of non-co-operation, there was a resounding cry—’Back to Villages’.

Is our Government truly developing the villages of India ?

So far you have read that a is a very vast country. It has fertile land and thick forests. It has high mountains. It has many big and small rivers which provide water for irrigation and are used for producing electricity. It has rich mineral wealth. Since these are the gifts of nature, so these […]

How to promote health education in rural areas ?

Health education means making people aware of the various practices that must be followed to ensure healthy personal as well as community life. Health education has to create awareness in the community about the prevailing health problems.

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