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Essay on The Use of Waste Lands

Free sample Essay on The Use of Waste Lands. The extraordinary rise in population in the third world countries, specially in India has created an ironic situation so far as the land is concerned. We require more land for residential use and more land for growing food too..

Essay on Man’s Use of the Sources of Nature

Free sample Essay on Man’s Use of the Sources of Nature. Fire was most probably the first breakthrough by man in the realm of nature. It had the potentiality of generating heat that has been put to several uses since the very beginning of the existence of human being on the planet.

Essay on Proper use of Holiday by Students

Holiday brings delights to the students, because holidays provide them recreation and rest. A vacation generally comes after numerous days of toil and hard work. So it is no wonder when a school boy expresses joy when a holiday arrives. All students eagerly wait for holidays.

Notes on the Use of Water Resources?

Water resources are used mainly for the irrigation purposes. About 84 percent of the water is used for irrigation purposes.

5 Measures for Efficient Use of Energy

For conservation of energy resources in India an Energy Conservation Act, 2001 was enacted, which came into effect in March 2002. It provides measures for efficient use of energy and its conservation. To conserve energy we should:

How to use Leisure time?

If one works very hard and continuously, one naturally feels tired. Our minds begin to wander, and we feel unable to fix our attention on work.

Essay on Athletics: Their Use and Abuse

The words “athlete”, “athletics”, are Greek. An athlete was, literally, one who “contended for a prize”. The ancient Greeks thought much of athletic contest, and glorified suc­cessful athletes.

Essay on the peaceful use of atomic power

When towards the end of the Second World War the first atomic bomb blasted out of existence the peaceful and prosperous city of Hiroshima, and (6th August, 1945) without warning, the conscience of the world was stirred to its depth.

What is the main use of coin sorter in office ?

Coin sorter is a machine with the help of which coins of different denominations are automatically sorted out at a faster speed. It consists of a box with different trays having holes on the basis of size of different coins.

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