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What is Diffusion in relation to passive transport ?

Diffusion is an example of passive transport by which gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen and solutes in a solution get transported. Molecules move from where they are plentiful (higher concentration) to where they are less in amount (lower concentration).

What are the effects of modernization of transport?

There are some obvious advantages that the modern means of transport have over the carts and carriages of olden days:- Modern means of transport are very fast. We can travel from one end of India to another in a few days by train and a few hours by aeroplane.

What are the various uses of fuels ?

Fuels serve as a major part of our energy requirement. They are the concentrated store of energy, which is related as heat when fuels are burnt. Fuels are combustible substances of organic origin or artificially obtained substances, which are used for producing heat and energy. Wood, diesel, coal .domestic gas, petrol and biogas are some […]

What are the various means of Transport available in India ?

The development of fast means of transport has increased the trade not only within the country, but also between different countries of the world. It is now possible to buy goods produced in other parts of the country, and the world, from our local market.

What are the various method of transport of solutes in plants ?

Plants largely depend on the mineral nutrients present on soil for their metabolism Along with water minerals are taken up by plants. But absorption and translocation of minerals in from of solutes is independent of water up taking.

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