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How tourism resulted in the development of the ecosystem of India?

The protected and notified areas where there was an abundance of wildlife, and particularly the tiger, the elephant and the rhinoceros, were developed for tourists. Accommodation, roads, transport and guides were initially provided within the sanctuaries or in the better zone.

Write a short paragraph on eco tourism

All forms of tourism that are exploratory, stress experience and have as their object appreciation and preservation nature, without destroying the natural resource are considered to be Eco Tourism.

What are the important factors that can increase the tourism of any country ?

Some of the factors that can increase tourism are 1) Coastal areas, including beaches, marine areas and wetlands. 2) Mountains and wilderness areas 3) Inland rural areas 4) Urban areas  and 5) Small Islands. Every place has its regional resources in the form of landscape, ecological settings, historical monuments and other places of interest. World […]

How does the cultural environment of Indian influence tourism ?

Cultural environment is composed of people and their culture: folklore, dress, handicrafts, religious handicrafts, work and lifestyle. It also includes the built environment from individual buildings, historic monuments and archaeological sites.

How to develop sustainable tourism in India ?

The World Tourism Report defines sustainable tourism “as a model form of economic development that exemplifies stewardhip of environment and sensitivity to community and cultural aspirations.”

How to improve tourism in India ?

This article includes fantastic plans for increasing the tourism industry. More and more emphasis is being placed by the national as well as state governments for proper planning in the expanding world of tourism.

How to increase tourism in all the Hill stations of India ?

Today most of the hill stations are over crowded and all types of scarcities have emerged because of the unplanned growth of tourism. It is time to realize that tourism can play a positive role in the socio-economic development of the hill areas and hill towns of the Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan region.

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