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Short essay on Satellite Technology in India

India entered into the space age by launching its first scientific satellite, Aryabhata on April 19, 1975 with the assistance of a Soviet booster-rocket. It was the heaviest satellite i.e. 360 kg in weight and 1.2m high with 26 faces.

Short essay on India and the Information Technology

The information revolution is driving the world today and in this scene the convergence of three key sectors – information, communication and entertainment (ICE) – holds great promise.

Brief note on Laser Technology in India

India’s first laser was set up as early as 1964 at BARC (Shaba Atomic Research Centre). Since then, though these activity could not generate enough momentum in the first decade but in mid-seventies (1965-66), it got its pick up very fast.

Essay on the rise of Information Technology in India

Short essay on the rise of Information Technology in India. The global media started writing about India positively only in the past eight years, largely due to the spectacular progress of the Indian IT industry T2K came as a bolt form the blue and a blessing in disguise.

Essay on the relationship between Tradition and Technology

Tradition is like the flow of certain practices from distant past that receives both acquiescence as well as acceptability among social beings, without much grumble or grouse, even though it may not be fully free from the dust of many a flaw that might have crept into it without people ever realising or resisting.

Essay on Information Technology Rules the Roost in India

India may not be such advanced as the US in terms of Internet coverage, but beyond a shadow of doubt India is galloping forward in the IT revolution, and the youth brain power of this country is helping such revolutions take place in many other countries as well.

Strengthening Information Technology Infrastructure in India

The draft Convergence Bill which was expected to bring a new communication order by integrating telecom, IT and information and broadcasting sector; had already been cleared by a Group of Ministers on IT and telecom headed by the Finance Minister. The bill was introduced in the parliament in May, 2001.

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