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Essay on system of slavery in Ancient India

The institution of slavery existed in ancient India, although it operated in much milder form than in the ancient civilizations of the west. Its operation was at a low key that foreign travelers like Metatheses did note it, for we do not get any reference in this account about slavery.

Notes on Family and Marriage System in Ancient India

The family was the basic unit of social organization in ancient India. The family at that time was unusually a joint family. The rite of Saraddha played an important part in binding the members from the common ancestors.

Short essay on Caste System in Ancient India

The ancient Indian’ Society was based upon vernal and ashrams, a fourfold classification of the entire people into Varnas and a fourfold division of the life of each individuals into ashrams (stages).

Very short notes on the Endocrine system of human body

The secretions of the endocrine glands are called hormones. A hormone may be defined “as a chemical messenger secreted by a ductless gland, which reaches its destination by the blood stream and which has the power of influencing the activity of other distant organs.

650 words essay Nervous System for Medical students

The nervous system is the latest system evolved for the purpose of co-ordination, reception of external stimuli and response to them. The nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord and the nerves given off by these structures.

How the Circulatory System of human body works?

The volume of blood in our body is limited, but it has to perform unlimited work continuously. This leads to one conclusion that, the same quantity of blood must be used over and over again. In other words, blood must circulate.

How the Digestive system of human body works?

Man is an active being. In order to carry out his activity, he has to get energy; this energy is secured by the food he takes. Food is converted into energy, through digestion and assimilation. This process is carried out by the digestive system.

Brief notes on the US education system

Before formulating the actual game plan for getting into a US university, there are some basic facts about the American educational system you need to be aware of, as also the differences in nomenclature and terminology.

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