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What do you really mean by the term Syllogism?

Syllogism is a form of mediate inference. In an immediate inference, we draw a conclusion from a single premise. But in case of a mediate inference, we draw a conclusion from the joint assertion of more than one premise.

Important key notes on the Moods of Syllogism

Notion of the figure of syllogism alone is not adequate to determine the form of syllogistic arguments. Because both valid and invalid syllogistic forms may belong to the same figure. For example

Short note on different forms of Mixed Syllogism

A syllogism is a form of mediate inference in which a conclusion is drawn from the joint assertion of two premises. In a syllogism, when both the premises and the conclusion are categorical propositions, it is called pure-categorical syllogism.

Key notes on the 10 profound rules of Syllogism

A valid categorical syllogism must conform to certain rules. These rules of syllogism are the norms or standard that helps us to test the validity or the invalidity of the moods. If we draw the conclusion in accordance with the rules of syllogism, the argument is valid or else it becomes invalid.

Key notes on the Structure of Syllogism

Every syllogism has three and only three terms. These terms are major term, minor term and middle term. Each term occurs twice in the syllogism. In order to identify a term in a syllogism, we have to take in to account the conclusion of the given argument.

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