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Essay on Mahatma Gandhi’s views on Swaraj

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi’s views on Swaraj. Gandhian Swaraj is very much popular in the domain of his thought. Swaraj to him was not simply a political concept but it had its implications in many fields.

130 Words Paragraph on Swaraj Party

Swaraj (Swarajya) Party was born on January 1, 1923. Its ideological birth may be traced to the Gaya Session of the Indian National Congress in December 1922..

Short Paragraph on ‘’Swaraj’

The nationalist movement grew in a wide spread mass anti-imperialist movement at the end of the war. It served to bring millions of people into the movement for swaraj.

Write a short note on Purna Swaraj Resolution

In December 1929, the Congress held its annual session at Lahore. Jawaharlal Nehru was the president at this session. In this session, the Congress declared ‘Purna Swaraj’ or Complete Independence as its ultimate goal.

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