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472 words short essay on Sustainable Development

In order to fulfill his desires, man exploits the environmental factors to a greater extent, by which the environment loses its natural capacity for self-stabilization. The impact of man’s various activities that are detrimental to the environment are:

Here is your short essay on Sustainable Cities

About some two hundred years ago Rousseau, the French philosopher said, “Go back to nature”. The vision was prophetic. People did not see the wisdom in what Rousseau said then. They did the contrary.

Essay on the importance of Sustainable Cities

At the end of the twentieth century mankind is involved in unprecedented experiment. Men are transforming themselves to an urban species. Cities are becoming our main habitat. In the entry-first century cities will decide the destiny of man.

What are Schumacher’s Concepts about a Sustainable City?

E. F. Schumacher, in his Briefing, has propounded three concepts about a sustainable city. These three concepts are appropriate scale, wholeness and connectedness. Under appropriate scale he says that our settlements can and should be organized in such a way that we, as individual citizens, feel that we have a stake in the decisions that […]

385 words article on Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a multidimensional concept. Its interpretation and understanding is often content and context specific. It is the process of socio-economic development while keeping within the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity.

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