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10 most essential Requisites of a Sound and Successful Close

Every salesman is naturally interested in not only early close but successful close. Closing or concluding a sale is the most critical stage for the salesman because it is this stage where prospect is converted into customer; in other words his desire gets a concrete shape of demand.

11 important Do’s and Don’ts of successful Prospecting

Prospecting is the process by which a salesman gets new customers. Prospecting is one of the most challenging components of sales process. A wise salesman knows that there are some Do’s and Don’ts of successful prospecting developed by veterans in the area of selling. These are:

15 most essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur

The knowledge of entrepreneurial competencies or traits has been sharpened over the last five decades. It made the people to believe that entrepreneurs are made not born. According to this view, a person possessing a judicious combination of knowledge, skill and motives can be a successful entrepreneur.

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