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8 most essential conditions necessary for the success of democracy

8 most essential conditions  necessary for the success of democracy. Like any other form of government democracy has also a few deficiencies and drawbacks. Some philosophers propose greater democ­racy to correct the ills of the democracy.

Essay on is Democracy in India Success or a Failure

Democracy as rightly defined by Abraham Lincoln is ‘Government of the people, for the people and by the people.’ Thus the people have a major stake in the functioning of the government, which is a major reason for this system of government thriving in the world.

Essay on Discipline as a recipe for Success

Here is a God-given system one finds too costly to temper with. However, powerful man can pretend to be, he can ill-afford to come in the way of the order of things.

Good Management Key to Success

Good management is an art and those who know what it makes to become good managers do succeed wherever they are.

What Success Means to You ?

Unambiguously, the time-rested anxioms “Nothing succeeds’ success” and “success has many feathers but failure none”, ha mesmerized human perceptions and practices since ages.

How to write Congratulations Letter on Success in Elections?

Winning an election gives greater mileage in one’s social and political life. It is won on the basis of public support. On such an occasion, a letter of felicitation helps build up a pleasant understanding. Anyone can send a letter of congratulations and start building a rapport with the elected personality.

Sample speech on the qualities required for success

On this sweet morning, I stand before you not go give you a long sermon how to achieve success overnight. The road to success is not smooth but full of thorns to traverse. Success is as ice cold and lonely as the North Pole.

Essay on Is Democracy a Success in India ?

A democratic state is a social organization in which freedom has been rendered secure by the removal of all social obstacles in the way of enjoyment of freedom by the individual.

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