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Essay on Status of Women in India

Women were considered inferior to men in practical life. But in scriptures they were given high position. Thus in past, the status of women in India was not clear. It was theoretically high but practically low.

Paragraph on the Present Status of Social Awareness

Social awareness about environment is a recent phenomenon. Initially environment referred only to the physical, chemical and biological aspects. Nowadays, it also includes the manmade social, cultural, economic and technological aspects.

What are the status of office manager and supervisor?

Office work is regarded as a service function or staff function and as such, the office manager assumes the status of a staff executive. He aids and advises the departmental offices. In large business houses, office manager enjoys the status of a dual role.

What is the status of office manager ?

Office manager is an executive who is in-charge of office and whose chief function is to organise and control office. Office work is regarded as a service function or staff function and therefore an office manager may assume the position of a staff executive or service executive.

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