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What do you mean by the term Statistics?

The word statistics has different meanings for different people. Simply hearing the word, most people think of tables and figures relating to a large number of items of information.

Here is your short note on Statistics

Statistics deals with data. Data is plural form of datum, which means any singular measure. Data are figures, ratings, check-lists and other information collected in experiments and surveys.

Brief notes on primary and secondary data in statistics

Broadly speaking, there are two sources of statistical data-internal and external. Internal source refers to the information collected from within the organization. For example different organization and Government departments generate large volume of information.

335 words sample essay on Statistics

The word Statistics can be interpreted in two sense. In plural sense Statistics refers to numerical statements of facts related to each other. In singular sense Statistic refers to statistical methods or the theory of statistics. These methods relate to the collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data.

5 useful methods of collecting primary data in statistics

Statistical data as we have seen can be either primary or secondary. Primary data are those which are collected for the first time and so are in crude form. But secondary data are those which have already been collected.

Brief note on Distrust of statistics

It is a general belief that “statistics can prove anything.” This statement is partly true and false. It is false because mere statistics should not be taken for granted without proper verification.

Brief note on the importance and scope of statistics

The importance of statistics in recent years cannot be over emphasized. The development in statistical studies has considerably increased its scope and importance. It is no longer regarded as the science of statecraft or a by-product of state administration.

7 most essential functions of statistics

Statistics as a discipline is considered indispensable in almost all spheres of human knowledge. There is hardly any branch of study which does not use statistics. Scientific, social and economic studies use statistics in one form or another.

Brief note on statistics in singular sense

In the singular sense, statistics refers to the methods and principles of  (i). Collection of data  (ii). Presentation of data.  (iii). Analysis of data, and  (iv). Interpretation of data.

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