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Useful facts on Aristotle’s classification of states

Though the classification given by Aristotle does not fit in the modem conditions, yet it has emphasized the ethical element in judging a state. The purpose of the state, whatever its forms be, is the common good.

Free sample essay on Failed States Index in India

Free sample essay on Failed States Index in India. Failed state is a term often used by journalists and political commentators to describe a state perceived as having failed at some of the basic conditions..

Notes on the State Legislature in Indian States

‘The organisation of State Legislature in Indian States are not the same. In some states they are bicameral while in most others they are unicameral. In view of lack of financial resources in some states the makers of the constitution have made it optional on the part of the states to decide for themselves the […]

Notes on the Council of States (Rajya Sabha)

The Upper House of the Union Parliament is popularly known as the Rajya Sabha. It consists of not more than 250 members of which 12 members are nominated by the President of India, having special knowledge or practical experience in literature, Science, art and social service.

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