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Essay on Film Stars as Politicians

When, Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister was on a visit to USA during ire Ronald Regan’s Presidential regime, the fact that a Hollywood star who had starred in as many as 50 films had by then climbed to super stardom as US President, didn’t raise her eyebrows.

Why do the stars not collapse?

In a star, two types of forces are acting simultaneously. These two forces are: the force of gravity and the internal pressure developed in the star due to the tremendous amount of energy released during the nuclear fusion reactions taking place inside it.

How are the stars formed ?

The staring material for the formation of a star is mainly hydrogen gas and helium gas. A star is conceived when a condensed pocket of hydrogen and helium gas forms in outer space. Now let us understand how a condensed pocket of gas forms in space.

Are the stars we see permanent in the Universe?

Stars are the heavenly bodies that are extremely hot and incandescent (have light of their own). Stars are in reality huge glowing balls of hot gases. Stars are mainly made up of hydrogen. They also contain some helium and dust.

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