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Notes on the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo

Shree Aurobindo was a poet, a Philosopher and Yogi of reputation. His life began with political, poetic and philosophical experiences. Sri Aurobindo said that the truth of spiritualism, science and religion were already contained in the Vedas. The Gita contains Vedic values which one essential for the elevation human life.

Notes on the Methods and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo developed an education system which is popularly known as integral education. Integral Education aims at bringing about change not merely in the society but primarily in the human behaviour or nature itself. Therefore it seeks to help the individual as follows:

Short biography of Sri Aurobindo

Aurobindo was born on August 15,, 1872 at Calcutta in rich aristocratic family. His father was Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose, an anglicized medical officer. His mother was Swarnalatha Devi. The family was well-known throughout Bengal.

Essay on Indo-Sri Lanka Relations

With Sri Lanka, India has at the moment quite friendly rela­tions based upon mutual understanding. Although there have been minor disputes and differences in the past, they seem to have been closed by now.

Complete biography of the legendary Mugal emperor Sri Chaitanya

Among the medieval saints, Chaitanya was and extra-ordinary champion of the Bhakti Movement.ne was born in 1485 in the city of Navdwip or Nadia in Bengal. His father was Jagannatha Mishra., and mother, Sachi Devi. His early names were Biswambhara, Gauranga and Nimai.

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