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1640 words essay on Socialism

Socialism is perhaps the most important political concept today. For it has not only changed the entire political form and economic structure of our society but has also brought about a reorganization in the outlook of our life.

Essay on Democratic Socialism in India

Socialism is essentially a humanitarian ideal. It seeks to bridge the ever widening a gap between the rich and the poor by bringing about a better-ordering of the means of production and distribution.

Complete information on the Merits and Demerits of Socialism

This article includes some of the most important merits and demerits of socialism. Thus, a socialist economy discards the use of market mechanism and replaces it with some form of regulatory authority, such as the planning commission.

Write a short note on socialism in relation to Industrial Revolution

The industrial Revolution brought about changes in all spheres of life. The most prominent social change that it brought about was the division of society into two main classes- the capitalists and the workers. The capitalists reaped all the gains of industrialization while the workers remained exploited.

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