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Complete information on the Landslides and Snow avalanches in India

Landslides and snow avalanches affect the remotely located often isolated, small communities in villages or hamlets in the mountain regions of the country where external assistance takes time to reach in times of emergency when the normally difficult terrain and tracks ,may become almost impossible to negotiate.

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Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1971) defines these phenomena as follows: Landslide: Rapid downward movement, under the influence of gravity, of a mass of rock, earth or artificial fill on a slope. Also, the mass that moves or has moved downwards.

What are the causes of Landslides and Snow Avalanche?

As landslides involve movement of mass of rock, mud’s etc., down a slope, factors that promote such movement of mass provide the causes for landslides. Such causes can arise from a number of happenings.

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