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Shot Essay on the Role of Agriculture in India

Shot Essay on the Role of Agriculture in India. Agriculture constitutes the backbone of the Indian economy. It contributes around 32 per cent of the national income and provides employment to 70 per cent of Indian working force.

Short essay on five things I love most

Free sample essay on five things I love most. The world is full of many wonderful and lovely things. Man has been trying to mobilize the resources of his intellect for making various types of inventions and discoveries and, thus, endeavoring to make the things more lovely and worth enjoying.

Very shot notes on the functions of Pancreas

The pancreas is a pale grey gland which weights about 60 grams and is about 5 to 6 inches long. It lies transversely across the posterior abdominal wall and is situated behind the stomach.

Write a short note on Mitochondria

These are spherical or rod-shaped structure surrounded present in both plant and animal cells. These are surrounded by double membrane containing matrix. The outer membrane is smooth and the inner membrane is folded into finger-like projection called cristae.

Shot note on Monera Kingdom

Kingdom Monera, according to five kingdom system of classification, include micro-organisms having following characters: (i) Prokaryotes, unicellular, lacking nuclear membrane, membrane-bound organelles and advanced flagella (9 + 2 strands).

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