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An essay for IAS preparations on Science and Human Happiness

An essay for IAS preparations on Science and Human Happiness. Ours is the age of science. The contribution of science to hum happiness is by no means small. Borders of human knowledge have been pushed forward in all directions.

Essay on cloning: A New Frontier of Science

Scientists have been experimenting on cloning of sheep and cow from embryo, for the last many years. A clone is an organism that is genetically identical to another.

Short essay on Science and the Spirit

Science, like art, is concerned ultimately with the quest for truth and reality. Every scientist questions what he notices and tries to analyse it.

Short essay on the relationship between Science and Progress

Having made steady but stupendous strides in space research, India can look forward to deriving immense benefits from treks to outer space. Besides spurring the spirit of enquiry in the upcoming scientists, space exploration has already yielded tremendous advantages that impact our daily lives.

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