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What are the salient features of Non-aligned movement?

What are the salient features of Non-aligned movement? Most of the western scholars take non-alignment as a negative concept because of the existence of the word. In this respect, they consider it as something comparable to neutrality.

What are the Salient Features of Indian Rural Social Structure?

Rural Social Structure: every society has certain units. It is these units that form the social set up or social structure. These units are inter-related and through their study, it is possible to study the behavior patterns of the society. This is true of the Indian society, particularly the Indian Rural Society.

11 Salient Features of the Constitution of India

The Constitution of India has some distinct and unique features as compared to other constitutions to the world. As Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Chairman of the Drafting Committee puts it, the framers had tried to accumulate and accommodate the best features of other constitutions, keeping in view the peculiar problems and needs of our country.

Complete information on the salient features of India’s Taxation Policy

In India, the authorities have been of the view that tax policy is a powerful tool by which the economy can be effectively regulated and by which effective economic incentives and disincentives can be created. As a result, our tax system has come to acquire the following salient features.

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