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What are the Causes of High Birth-Rate in India?

What are the Causes of High Birth-Rate in India? Marriage is a social necessity so all the marriageable males and females get married. A study of 1970 shows 50 women out of 1000 were unmarried in the U.S.A. but in India it was only…

5 essential causes for Low Birth Rate in India

In India, a sharp decline in birth rate is the need of the hour. The death rate is already low at 9 per thousand and is expected to decline further. In such a situation, if the birth rate doesn’t fall then it will further increase the population of an already over-populated country.

How to calculate the rate of interest?

Interest has been defined as the price for the use of capital. It is net interest which a part of gross interest. When interest includes the payment for risks, inconveniences, management and money capital, it is called gross interest.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Fixed Rate?

The advantage and disadvantage of Fixed Rate are : Fixed exchange rate protects traders against a lot of uncertainty. Each trader knows what he is to receive or pay in terms of domestic currency but simultaneously it is very difficult to determine an appropriate rate of exchange without trial and error.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Flexible Rate?

The advantage and disadvantage of Flexible Rate are: A flexible rate of exchange provides a greater scope in the formulation of fiscal and monetary policies by the authorities whereas critics of flexible rate say that it encourages speculative short term international flows of capital but discourage the flows of long-term investment capital.

What is the normal pulse rate of an adult man ?

Under normal resting condition, the heart pumps blood into the aorta 72 times / min. Just as the blood is ejected into the aorta, the aorta swells (distention) a bit, and then contracts with the help of smooth muscles in its wall.

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