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Complete information on the process of Protein Digestion in Mammal

Digestion is a hydrolytic process in which complex food materials are mechanically and enzymatically broken down into simpler soluble forms. Proteins are polymers of amino acid residues which are joined end to end by peptide bonds. Proteolytic enzymes break down the peptide bonds.

Write a short note on the Structural forms of protein

Protiens are most complex nitrogenous organic compounds, forming about 12% of the cell contents and play an important role in biochemical reactions. The structure and conformation of protein is classified into following four types.

How to countered the Protein-energy malnutrition disease?

There should be large gap period (about 5 years) between the births of the two children, so that the first child can be breast fed for a long time. Breast feeding should be continued as long as possible. When the quantity of the mother’s milk decreases the child’s diet should be supplemented with appropriate protein […]

Complete information on Protein-energy Malnutrition

Protein-energy Malnutrition (PEM) arises due to deficiency of both dietary energy and proteins. Since energy is mainly supplied by carbohydrates and fats. We can say that protein energy malnutrition is due to deficiency of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet.

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