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8 useful Methods of Prospecting used by successful salesmen’s

The word prospecting means a search made underground treasure by a geologist. It may be oil, water or ore prospecting. In salesmanship also, this term is used with a specific meaning. Prospecting is the first step in selling process.

Write a brief note on Prospecting

The first step in the sales process is that of locating prospective customers. Prospecting is the process by which a sales person gets new customers. It is also known as “cold calling “, “hunting steel” or “pounding the pavement”.

11 important Do’s and Don’ts of successful Prospecting

Prospecting is the process by which a salesman gets new customers. Prospecting is one of the most challenging components of sales process. A wise salesman knows that there are some Do’s and Don’ts of successful prospecting developed by veterans in the area of selling. These are:

What is the significance of Prospecting in salesmanship?

As noted earlier locating of potential consumer for a product or service is prospecting A resume force of prospects is critical to the success of both experienced and new sales people Prospecting is one of the most challenging components of a salesmen job.

5 self tested ways to get the most out of Prospecting for increasing your sales

Once the sales people separate leads from prospects, they carefully analyse the relative value of each prospect. This grading of prospects or establishing a priority test results in increased sales and the most efficient use of time and energy. One can get best out of prospecting by doing some essential things; these are:

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