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Key notes on the representation of categorical propositions

The idea of representing classes and their relation expressed in a proposition by use of circles was originally developed by Euler, a Swiss mathematician of eighteenth century. But its subsequent development and refinements are due to Venn, a British logician belonging to nineteenth century.

The Existential Import of Propositions

A Proposition is said to have existential import if and only it is used to assert the existence if objects of any sort. For example, when we say, ‘Some politicians are scholars’ we mean that mere exists at least one politician who is a scholar.

Notes on Reduction of Propositions into Logical Form

There are four standard forms of categorical propositions such as A, E, I and O-propositions having the structure of the form, ‘All S is P’ ‘No S is P’, ‘Some S is P’ and ‘Some S is not P’ respectively.

What is meant by opposition of propositions?

As we have seen that there are four types of categorical propositions namely A, E, I and 3-propositions having respectively the logical structure of the form “All S is P”, “No S is P”, “Some S is P” and “Some S is not P”.

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