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What are the physical properties of Sulphur?

Some of the most important physical properties of Sulphur are: 1. Sulphur usually occurs as a pale yellow, brittle, crystalline solid. 2. It has a faint characteristic smell, but no taste 4. Sulphur is highly soluble in carbon disulphide and sparingly soluble alcohol and ether and etc.

What are the physical properties of non-metals?

The important physical properties of non-metals are discussed below: Non-metals are generally brittle and hence cannot be beaten into sheets or drawn into wires. In other words, non-metals are non-malleable and non-ductile. Where stress is applied on non-metals, they shatter into pieces.

What is the differences in physical properties of Diamond and Graphite

The difference in the properties of diamond and graphite can be easily explained in terms their structures are: Diamond is vary hard whereas graphite is soft, density of diamond is more than that of graphite, diamond is bad conductor of electricity whereas graphite is a good conductor and etc.

What are the physical properties of ethane ?

Some physical properties of ethane are given below: Ethene is a colorless gas with faint sweetish odor. Ethen is insoluble in water but it dissolves in organic solvents such as benzene, carbon tetrachloride etc.

What are the physical properties of ethyne ?

Some important physical properties of ethyne (acetylene) are given below:- Ethyne (acetylene) is a color less gas with ether-like odour when pure. Ethyne prepared from calcium carbide has garlic odour due to the presence of impurities like phosphine (PH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

What are the physical properties of water ?

Some physical properties of water are listed below: (i) Pure water is colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid (ii) Pure water freezes atomic 0°C and boils atomic 100°C under 1 atm pressure. (iii) Water is a non-conductor of electricity and heat.

What are the properties of LPG ?

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been the following characteristics properties: LPG is heavier than air. It is due to this reason that the gas stove using LPG is kept atomic a slightly higher level than the gas cylinder.

What are the physical properties of methane ?

Methane like carbon dioxide, also traps infrared radiations (heat radiations) reflected by the earth. As a result, methane gas also contributes to the greenhouse effect. Actually, a molecule of methane traps twenty times more heat radiations than a carbon dioxide molecule.

What are the chemical properties of methane ?

Methane burns in excess of air or oxygen with a pale-blue nonluminous flame to give carbon dioxide and water. The combustion reaction is highly exothermic. Therefore, methane is an excellent fuel.

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